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Question: How Do I Build a SIP VoIP System?

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The ICT Lingo

Published 2016-10-13 in ICT Lingo - 0 Comments

When people hear about my experience in ICT, they usually have many questions to ask me. Over time I have realized the importance of learning the right terminology because it is almost impossible to explain something without the use of the said terminology. Also, many people have asked me to explain some general terminology, and this is why I believe it is important to get the hang of terms before we proceed.

Who Or What Is VoIP?

picking voip

For those of you who are still having problems with the terminology used in ICT, I wanted to write something like an introductory article that will help you to get an insight into terminology used in this field. So, even if you know little or nothing about ICT for the time being, you will soon find out, just hang in there and read on!

So, What Is VoIP?

Let’s start from VoIP, an abbreviation you have surely heard about many times up to now. However, have you ever wondered what it means? But, in addition to that, I would also like to explain other things regarding VoIP, such as the way in which it works and the reason why it was developed.

The abbreviation VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol.

And, now you are thinking to yourself, so what does that mean? Well, in is just another way to explain the technology that allows people to make phone calls by using the Internet connection.

voip phone

If you are not using this yourself, you have at least heard of it at one time or another. Still, it remains a useful way to make the most of your Internet connection.

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