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Question: How Do I Build a SIP VoIP System?

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Phones Are Provided When You Sign Up for Vonage Business Solutions

Published 2017-01-17 in Vonage - 0 Comments

There are modules and phone systems and routers, and wait a minute. Aren’t there supposed to be cheap, affordable, cut and dry solutions to business phone systems? For sure, that’s what you can get with Vonage business phones, but they still want you to know that you do have those options. It’s interesting looking at what all products are offered that are compatible with this phone service. And let’s not forget the Vonage app that was released only months ago. Could you imagine using Vonage for business, whether big or small?

Consider Vonage Phones for Your Small Business Needs

Maybe you don’t need the button attendant console or the extension module. I can remember people at call centers using the extension modules and other various technologies. For a small business, you might just want to make sure you have the best router and the best traditional business phone. Do you need to set up extensions? You can also get what looks like a basic cordless phone if you wish, just to have it set up and available.

The question now is what does your business need? It could be that you have a phone system in place already or one that came with the building. Whatever you’ve got, you can find out whether or not you need to do anything special just by talking to a Vonage business phones company representative. They can walk you through the process so that you can cross setting up your business phones off your to do list.

Why would you choose Vonage over another company that offers VoIP phone services is another question you should be asking yourself. You want to be open to the market to see what the best solution is, so why choose Vonage over another service say like Ooma? Not only that but when you are looking at the phone products, you’re going to realize there are certain top brands to go with. Which ones do you prefer? For example, there is Cisco of course.

Vonage sometimes has different specials, and I say that because it appears there is one right now as I write this for starting service. You evidently get free phones, too, if you’re happy with the phones they’re willing to provide you. You want to look at all of the fine print and get all the details. For one, you want to know all that you get that’s good as well. The setup fees can be waived, so that’s another possibility right there.

Vonage says as a company that they understand that every business is different. Each company has unique needs for business phone service, and one of Vonage’s catchphrases is ‘We’ve got you covered.’ If it can make phone service more efficient with crystal clear calling, all the features and at a great price, hey why not?

If you have an existing system, you know what you’re paying and how reliable your phone service is on a daily basis. Do you need better options? If so, then maybe a company like Vonage that provides VoIP business phone solutions can help you.

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